• Billboard

    Billboard or ad board is ad media which designed to deliver a notification message, invitation, or a warning to the public and it is placed outdoor the room, such as highways, toll roads, etc. Usually billboards made ​​relatively large size. Beside of the relatively large size, usually billboard made ​​in horizontal or vertical, with Frontlighting system and backlighting system.

  • Billboard Cross Road

    As with common billboard, Billboard cross road is a media advertisement which designed to convey a message , promotion , and others . What distinguishes the Billboard Cross Road by Billboard in general , is the location of the placement of these billboards . billboards Cross Road placed in the center of the street crowd, as it is in the middle of the highway intersection , so it is very effective in the delivery of all messages on the Billboard itself, because the placement location is central to the view of road users . Although placed in the center of the crowd , of course, the billboard is built in a safe place and not disturb and endangering road users themselves . In addition , Billboard Cross Road was made with relatively smaller sizes and shorter pile height than Billboard in general and made ​​horizontal with the backlighting system.

  • Billboard JPO

    The concept of JPO Billboard is similar to Billboard Cross Road. The difference lies in the location of the placement of this billboard. JPO billboard mounted against of flyover on both highways and toll roads. Besides this billboard made ​​without the pole and horizontally with size is not too large and the Frontlighting system. Billboard has also become one of the right choice of media advertisement, because the position of the billboard can be seen from far away so that the direction of view to a wider billboards.

  • Slimboard

    Slimboard is a collection of some of the billboards were placed sequentially with contents ads that can be made of similar or different but still within the same brand. Each billboard for slimboard series is made more simple with vertical shape and short pole also the backlighting system. For a slimboard series usually consist of 5 or 6 billboards depending client orders. This Slimboard is a very interesting media for advertising because on the a slimboard series can seen longer by passing road users, so it is effective to convey a message or promotion.

  • Sign Box

    Signbox is billboard media used to convey either advertising or promotional message placed in the space like airports, stations, offices, and others. Signbox made ​​in any size, large or small. Signbox usually made ​​horizontally and vertically, with the lights in the lighting system (backlight). Being in the space, lighting signbox longer than billboards PT Boomee Business Nusantara itself, starts on 04.00 until 24.00. Signbox PT Boomee Business Nusantara has now spread across several airports in Indonesia.

  • Neon Sign

    PT Boomee Business Nusantara provides many kinds of models neon sign, like the neon sign on the wall and a neon sign on the monitor which they are installed at Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Advertising neon sign on the wall may contain a product or promotional logos and trademarks are provided in various sizes. While the neon sign on the monitor usually contain logos or trademarks are placed at the top or bottom of the monitor that displays flight information on the airport, immigration information, and information on the check-in counter.

  • Ultra HD TV Stand

    Ultra HDTV Stand is one type of advertising media that advertise products suitable for HDTV quality. UHDTV advantages are bigger screen, clean sound and clearer picture quality than LCD / LED TV before. This advertising medium consists of a TV installed on the a stand with the logo shows the superiority of the product itself as TV audio and visual quality through multiple channels of TV entertainment shows. Ultra HD TV installed 48-inch size.

  • Videowall

    Videowall is a suite of many monitors that are strung together in ways that minimize the series monitor can display an electronic advertising in the form of a video and placed indoor. A set Videowall can load many promotional videos, so that one set can advertise promo videowall more than one brand / client. The duration of the video aired on the wall for 20 hours (04.00 am - 24.00 pm) so that it can serve ads to 2 to 4 clients with different promo video broadcast hour alternately corresponding video that has been agreed upon.

  • Videotron

    The concept of Videotron is similar to Videowall, differences Videotron is a series consisting of LED lights that are strung together in ways that minimize the lighting circuits can deliver an electronic advertising in the form of video and media placement of this advertisement is usually placed outside the room. A set of Videotron can load many promotional videos, so that one set can advertise promo Videotron more than one brand / client.

  • Company Panel

    Panel Company is one form of advertising medium as a logo nameplate of the building. Company This panel is usually placed in front of the building or on the top wall of the building.