PT.Boomee Business Nusantara is an advertising company, on outdoor and indoor. We advertise Client’s products with our advertising medias. We work with professional, because client satisfaction is our priority. We strive to always listen and give the best solution according to the client desires. Along with the times, now PT.Boomee Business Nusantara has expanded its efforts to develop a billboard with various types of advertising media, such as the videowall, TV Branding, and other. Not only that, beside innovate in the development of media advertising, the ad placement locations were spread out in a few strategic locations, such as in some stretches of toll roads, public areas at the airport, and in some ways protocol major cities in Indonesia.

In addition, not only produce a good advertisement, PT.Boomee Business Nusantara also maintain and treat that has been established advertising media regularly and periodically to maintain the quality of ad media. With a solid and professional team, PT.Boomee Business Nusantara is committed that client satisfaction is top priority.

We always develop our business. Our advertising media currently has been present in strategic locations like shopping center, business center, downtown and transportation center. Besides expansion of our media location, we also continue to develop the kind of advertising media. not just billboards, we also provide other advertising media, such as signbox, neonbox, branding, videowall, etc.